Original Painting

“Venturing Out”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel The latest painting in my Meditations series – the beauty of nature’s objects juxtaposed with an object of manufactured perfection; beach stones and glass sphere. There’s something right or comforting to me to have these pairings. The clear glass is an inside/outside presence and has come to represent an observer. Me;… Read more »

“A Walk in the Park”

Oil Painting 6×8″ canvas mounted There is so much pink and lavender in all that green. Please email me to purchase this landscape.


oil painting 5×10″ panel Scattered throughout my house and studio are natural treasures: gorgeous seashells, beautiful animal skulls, woodcarvings from Africa and New Zealand, seedpods, a huge array of beach stones, bamboo and cinnamon. Many of these have appeared in the paintings and silverpoints on The Art Fly and many more wait in the wings…… Read more »


Oil Painting 8×10″ panel This is one of the newest paintings in my Meditations series of work with natural objects and glass spheres. I’ve never quite found the words to describe what this is about – and I’ve been creating these works since the mid-’90s… Scattered throughout my studio are collections of beach stones, unusual… Read more »

“A View of the River”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel I must have Summer on my mind. In this landscape I tried to capture those dreamlike feelings we get, brought on by something as easy as a walk in nature…spots of sunlight, fluttering leaves, a river flowing… SOLD


Oil Painting 8×6″ art panel This portrait is my contribution to the Different Strokes From Different Folks annual portrait swap. Every 2-3 weeks artist Karin Jurick posts a photo on the DSFDF blog. The whole point is to use the photo for reference only, and let your creativity run free.

“Magpie on Post”

Oil Painting 4.25×4.25″ bevel-edge panel I saw my first magpie in Montana this past Spring. Eye-catching black and white magpies (with a touch of deep blue) were easily spotted amidst all that scenic greenery. Sorry, this one’s not for sale – please ask about others.

“Gimme a Hug”

Oil Painting 7×5″” art panel Season’s Greetings, everyone! Yay, we’re having a snowy Christmas week!

“Early Autumn”

Oil Painting 8×6″ panel These are the colors of Early Autumn in my own back yard – an impression. Please email me if you are interested in this landscape.


Acrylic Painting 6×6″ panel This is my recent contribution to the Different Strokes From Different Folks art challenge. A photograph is posted on this blog every two weeks – for reference only. Artists are encouraged to create with as much freedom as we allow ourselves. I went with my first impressions: abstracted shapes, angles, shadows… Read more »