Monthly Archives:: August 2010

“Veined Rock with Sphere”

Oil Painting 6×6″ bevel-edge panel Simply a beautiful rock…one of many from my Meditations series. Please Email to purchase this painting.

“Banded Stones and Sphere”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper This drawing is rendered with a silver stylus on buff prepared paper, with highlights in white pastel and white ink. A silverpoint drawing tarnishes over time to its characteristic metallic sepia tone. In my blog archives and on my website you’ll see many colors that I’ve experimented with on paper… Read more »

“Acadia Rocks”

Oil Painting 6×8″ gessoed board At Acadia National Park granite boulders like this one are scattered over wide smooth slabs of rock that serve as natural walkways. Storm clouds enhanced the dramatic view, cooling the landscape colors way down. Please email me for purchase of this painting.