Original Painting

“Afternoon in the Park”

Oil Painting 8×10″ canvas mounted on panel This couple had the right idea, tucking into the shade along the banks of the Delaware River. This was the scene one fine afternoon in the Park at Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Please contact me for purchase of painting with plein air frame.

“Bird on Wire”

Oil Painting 6×6″ gessoed card I looked up and saw the silhouette of a bird, framed by a thick coil of electrical cable, against the bright blue sky… That bird was singing its little heart out! Please email me for purchase of this piece.

“Field in Setting Sun”

Acrylic Painting 6×8″ beveled panel Here’s another Bucks County landscape that caught my eye. The late afternoon sun created long, dark shadows across the fields and thankfully I was camera-ready. I need much more time to capture her beauty than Nature will allow so the photo is for reference only; composition and light – not… Read more »

“Field of Young Trees”

Acrylic Painting 6×8″ beveled panel I love the back roads of Bucks County where I often pass fields of trees like this one. Here’s an impression of the fluttering leaves and flashes of color that caught my eye while I drove by. Please email me for purchase of the painting.


Oil Painting 6×9″ beveled panel I started doing paintings of glass spheres and beach stones in the mid-’90s and haven’t stopped. I still find these elements completely absorbing and elusive, paying close attention to which objects to use and how to arrange them. One painting leads to the next and to the next in a… Read more »


Oil Painting 3.75×3.75″ beveled panel Reflected inside the glass is the beach stone. This small painting is actually another version of a larger work – “Moonlit” – from a few posts ago. Email me for purchase of this painting with custom-made floating frame. SOLD


Oil Painting 10×8″ bevel-edged panel “Moonlit” is the latest in my ever-growing Meditations series of paintings and silverpoint drawings of natural elements with glass spheres. See the others here and on my website. Please email me for purchase of this painting. The wide “floating” frame I created is an integral part of the painting. Photos… Read more »


Oil Painting 9.5×12.5″ panel This is a slightly larger work in my Meditations series. I’m not sure what type of elegant seedpods these are, but they worked well as tiny canoes being adrift in this strange landscape. I really like the cool dry quality of the colors. I typically “float” these paintings on a frame… Read more »