Monthly Archives:: November 2009

“Early Autumn”

Oil Painting 8×6″ panel These are the colors of Early Autumn in my own back yard – an impression. Please email me if you are interested in this landscape.

“Broken Shell”

Silverpoint Drawing 7.5×5.5″ green-gray prepared paper Here’s another “interior” piece that I drew a while back. This shell is one of my favorite things, a beautiful natural sculpture. While drawing this I thought of the curving walls of the shell, stretching across the missing parts. Tones in a silverpoint drawing are made up of layers… Read more »

“Inside Out”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×4.5″ blue-gray prepared paper This seashell was drawn with a silver stylus on specially coated paper, a Renaissance-era medium known as Silverpoint. Layers upon layers of lines become tones, and over time the silver gradually tarnishes to a metallic sepia. The drawing is heightened in white ink. See more silverpoints in The Art… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×6.5″ blue-gray prepared paper Lately, I’ve been focused on working in wood, putting most of my energy behind some ideas I’m trying out in that medium…must get it while it’s hot. Every year the New Hope Arts Center (PA) holds a national juried “Works in Wood” exhibition. Following up from some previous blog… Read more »