Original Painting

“The Receding Tide”

Acrylic Painting 5×7″ prepared panel I took a walk in a living painting – of this sunset along the Maine coast in Ogunquit as day ended and the ocean receded. Well, this tries to come close to the colors I saw… Please email me if you are interested in this evening-scape.

“A New Day”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel A magnificent opening to a new day – Sunrise over the Atlantic. SOLD. Please email me if you are interested in others like this.

“Onward and Upward”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel There are infinite variations on this theme of Nature and ordinary objects – as you may have noticed on this blog! This composition hints at the next one and the next… There are so many beautiful natural objects around my studio and house that it’s sometimes tough to focus on a… Read more »

“Field of Sunflowers”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel Here’s something I keep returning to – a field of sunflowers. It’s a breathtaking site to happen upon, which I did near Stockton, NJ. This is the fourth variation that I’ve painted of this particular scene. I started this one last year but got sidetracked. I find that it really is… Read more »

“Life Lines”

Acrylic Painting, graphite 6×6″ panel Continuing the theme of meditations on Nature, I’ve been focusing on striped beach stones at the moment. They’re all over my small studio, inside and outside, along with seed pods, tree bark, shells, skulls, wood carvings… These treasures constantly stop me in my tracks. So, I give in and stop… Read more »


Oil Painting 5×7″ bevel-edge panel “Bounty” is my contribution to the Different Strokes From Different Folks (DSFDF) artist blog, where a photograph is posted bi-weekly and artists are encouraged to work creatively from that challenge. For this one, I decided to gesso the panel in black, which is not how I typically begin. From there,… Read more »

“The Rite of Spring”

Oil Painting 4×6″ panel Mother Nature nurtures. Here’s just a tiny parcel of what awaits us at Longwood Gardens. A riot of color and shapes that is ever-changing. A feast for the eyes and soul. SOLD  

“Above and Beyond”

Oil Painting 6×6″ panel This painting panel has finished beveled edges. The buyer will receive a tabletop easel with this purchase.

“Diana and Friend”

Oil Painting 7×5″ panel This is the latest challenge from Different Strokes from Different Folks blog, where artists are encouraged to work creatively from a photograph that is posted bi-weekly. The price includes shipping and tabletop easel. The edges of the panel are beveled, looking good on that easel.


Oil Painting 3×3″ bevel-edge panel Click on the button if you are interested in buying this art biscuit .