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“Onward and Upward”

Posted on by Norine

Oil Painting
8×10″ panel

There are infinite variations on this theme of Nature and ordinary objects – as you may have noticed on this blog! This composition hints at the next one and the next… There are so many beautiful natural objects around my studio and house that it’s sometimes tough to focus on a particular composition. But, a few things always win out – it’s all part of the process.

As strange as it may seem, it sometimes takes a very long time to settle on a simple composition with the selected objects. But, you know intuitively when it’s right.

This painting will be part of an upcoming exhibition so please email me if you are interested in it. It will be mounted on the “floating” style of frames that I designed for my Meditations series. When I began this series the paintings just seemed to want to be free of an enveloping frame altogether. I bevel the edges of my painting panels and – for gallery exhibition – I mount them on wide dark textured back panels that enhance the paintings.

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