Monthly Archives:: June 2011


Oil Painting 18 x 9″ canvas Who can resist the wonders of Nature! Lots of “garden” works to come… Please email for purchase of this painting.


Acrylic on panel 24 x 18″ This is one of my favorite flower paintings of alliums and irises, that I’ve never exhibited publicly – until now. I’m showing this and a few other garden-themed paintings at the Artists’ Gallery for this month as we are participating in the Hidden Gardens of Lambertville Tour. Check out… Read more »


Bamboo Mosaic 16.5″ x 16.5″ This is the 4th of my recent mosaics celebrating bamboo. I’m really surprised at how many shapes and patterns I’m finding with this medium. The patterned bamboo circles reminded me of rose windows in Gothic cathedrals, so I went with that idea. I added curved bands that wrap across the… Read more »