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“Seeds of Change”

Posted on by Norine

“Seeds of Change” measures 27.5 x 26 x 2 inches, and consists of poplar, pine, cedar, birch, and acrylic paint. This wood relief mosaic is currently on display in the national juried Works in Wood exhibition at New Hope Arts in New Hope, PA. I incised lines and textures into the wood by using various metal files, a bandsaw, and table saw. I’m very grateful to have received a Juror’s Award for this work. This is a detail from “Seeds of Change”…

“Chant at Sundown”

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Chant at Sundown is a bamboo & wood relief mosaic measuring 30 x 16.5 x 2 inches.  The tooled central column and the adjoining oval segments are bamboo pieces in relief, while some of the dark tesserae show oval designs that are actually imprints of bamboo. These are made by dipping a segment of bamboo in paint and then stamping it onto a surface. Other tesserae in this composition are incised with a hand saw.

“Harmony in Black and Light”

Posted on by Norine

It has been a year of creative momentum for me. Ideas have been overflowing and expanding in my studio/hermitage! I’m thankful every day that I can tune out the world for a while, and joyfully work on my Art, be it an evolving wood or bamboo relief panel, a still life painting, or a meditative drawing in silverpoint. 

Harmony in Black and Light is one of my newest wood-relief panels, measuring 30 x 15 x 1.5 inches.  It marks the beginning of a new direction that I will be exploring, using blocks of solid wood, and common plywood that is incised and dyed, and stacked. I’m excited by the creative potential that has emerged with this. Every panel begins as a challenge and ends as a surprise ~ but that’s really what I’m after ~

Harmony in Black and Light is currently on display in the national juried “Works in Wood” show at New Hope Arts, in New Hope, PA. This highly anticipated annual show (which began in 1999), runs until January 9, 2022.

Wishing anyone who is reading this Happiness & Joy as this year winds down – and a new one dawns ~ 


“Runic Vessel circa 2020”

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Runic Vessel circa 2020 is a work I created for the AAW-POP (American Association of Woodturners-Professional Outreach Program). This 15th invitational exhibition and auction will be held in St. Paul, MN in July 2021. The invitation was not limited to woodturners, but open to artists working in various disciplines.  We were asked to create work based on the theme Elements; the work had to fit into a 6″ cube. Runic Vessel measures 5.75″ at the widest point.) When the lid is lifted, three wooden tiles unfold to reveal designs that were created by dipping pieces of bamboo into paint and then stamping these onto the tiles.

Runic Vessel circa 2020 was begun in late 2020 and was still evolving into early 2021. It is the only 3-D work in my “Runes” series (wall relief mosaics). In this series, the focus is on the natural beauty of bamboo segments and their imprints on wood tiles. Please see my previous three posts about this series: Runes of a New Age / Runes, Book 2 / Runes, Book 3.

“Runes, Book 3”

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Runes, Book 3 is the third relief mosaic in this series. It measures 14 x 30 x 1.75 inches, and combines painted cedar, poplar, cherry, and other woods. The patterned tiles show imprints of various bamboo sections that were strategically cut and prepared for use as printing blocks. See also the previous two posts relating to these works. 



“Runes, Book 2”

Posted on by Norine

Runes, Book 2  is the second mosaic in my “Runes” series. It measures 14 x 32 x 1.75 inches and is composed of stacked painted poplar, cedar, and mahogany woods. The turquoise tiles show the imprints made by using sections of bamboo as “printing blocks” that are dipped in paint and stamped onto a surface. 

This photo will give you an idea of what I mean…

Many beautiful designs appear when I cut bamboo, especially at the node section, which is the horizontal ridge running around a bamboo stalk. I will be sure to post more of the bamboo blocks that I created – they are exciting and unusual.

“Runes of a New Age”

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Runes of a New Age is a mosaic relief in wood and bamboo, measuring 24 x 24 inches. The “runes” are dyed segments of bamboo, mounted on faceted blocks of painted wood. Interspersed within the mosaic are dyed birch tiles with imprints of designs made from pieces of bamboo. Careful attention is given to each of the pieces in my mosaic. After initial rough cutting, all are finished by using hand tools, files, and sanding blocks.  


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Labyrinths are ancient patterns that are found throughout the world. They are sometimes described as symbolic pilgrimages, or walking meditations. Try searching: labyrinths near me, and see what comes up. Chances are there is a walkable garden labyrinth not too far away.

These are some of the many labyrinths that I’ve created over the years, ranging from the smallest at 3.5 x 3.5″ (center, bottom row) to the largest Journey at 41 x 41 inches (left, bottom row). I usually attach a “walking stick” that I handcraft from mahogany, cedar, or another wood. I think of these as calming spiritual journeys, to be traveled slowly and with an open heart.

Inside the Labyrinth is the painting at top left, with clear sphere (this is a recurring element in much of my work). Those that appear to be drawn in pencil are actually silverpoint drawings that are made with a rod of silver; all of these will tarnish to a silvery-brown over time. The two circular silverpoint drawings in the middle are Veiled Labyrinth (8.5  inches) and Scribbled Labyrinth (10 inches). The Bamboo Path (16 x 16″) is at top right, and Infinite Labyrinth (20.5 x 20.5 inches) is at bottom right.

That’s it for now ~