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Silverpoint Drawing 3.5×5″ lavender prepared paper This was drawn with a silver stylus on specially coated paper. It’s a Renaissance-era drawing medium known as Silverpoint. With time the silver lines tarnish to metallic sepia tone. The highlights are drawn in white charcoal. Plenty more of these to see in The Art Fly archives, and on… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 8×5″ blue-gray prepared paper Ordinary things, like a feather and a pebble, have a quiet beauty; a worthy subject for a silverpoint drawing. Silverpoint is a Renaissance-era drawing medium whereby the artist draws with a stylus of silver metal on a specially prepared surface. Please view The Art Fly archives and My Website… Read more »


Oil Painting 5×7″ bevel-edge panel “Bounty” is my contribution to the Different Strokes From Different Folks (DSFDF) artist blog, where a photograph is posted bi-weekly and artists are encouraged to work creatively from that challenge. For this one, I decided to gesso the panel in black, which is not how I typically begin. From there,… Read more »

“The Rite of Spring”

Oil Painting 4×6″ panel Mother Nature nurtures. Here’s just a tiny parcel of what awaits us at Longwood Gardens. A riot of color and shapes that is ever-changing. A feast for the eyes and soul. SOLD  

“Above and Beyond”

Oil Painting 6×6″ panel This painting panel has finished beveled edges. The buyer will receive a tabletop easel with this purchase.

“Sweat Lodge Frames”

Photograph Back from a week in beautiful Montana! Imagine the great Rockies as far as the eye could see, horses roaming acres of fields, eagles soaring, clear winding rivers, wind farms, prairie dogs, sapphire mines, First Peoples Buffalo Jump….which is where the photo was taken. The literature from the First Peoples Buffalo Jump (Ulm Pishkun)… Read more »