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Acrylic Painting 6×6″ panel This is my recent contribution to the Different Strokes From Different Folks art challenge. A photograph is posted on this blog every two weeks – for reference only. Artists are encouraged to create with as much freedom as we allow ourselves. I went with my first impressions: abstracted shapes, angles, shadows… Read more »

“The Receding Tide”

Acrylic Painting 5×7″ prepared panel I took a walk in a living painting – of this sunset along the Maine coast in Ogunquit as day ended and the ocean receded. Well, this tries to come close to the colors I saw… Please email me if you are interested in this evening-scape.

“Currents” detail

Wood frame detail This is a detail section of the mirror frame that I spoke about in Sept. 22 “Woodcraft” post. The wide frame is filled with wavy, compound curves of natural woods: walnut, cherry, mahogany and poplar that are inter-woven. I was interested in fashioning shapely pieces (some very intricate) with the intent of… Read more »