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“Sphere with Pin-stripes”

Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×5″ prepared paper This is drawn with a rod of silver on specially prepared fine art paper. Silverpoint pre-dates the graphite pencil as a drawing medium and was used extensively in the Renaissance era. With time the silver lines tarnish to their characteristic sepia tone. See my website > silverpoint category for a… Read more »


Oil Painting 8×10″ panel This is one of the newest paintings in my Meditations series of work with natural objects and glass spheres. I’ve never quite found the words to describe what this is about – and I’ve been creating these works since the mid-’90s… Scattered throughout my studio are collections of beach stones, unusual… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 3.5×5″ prepared paper As stated many times previously on this blog, silverpoint is a drawing medium that was used extensively during the Renaissance era; pre-graphite pencil. The drawing surface must be specially prepared to allow for the slight abrasion of the silver. The metallic lines that are left will gradually tarnish (oxidize) to… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 4×5″ blue-gray prepared paper A good way to end the day is to draw in silverpoint. It has a calming effect. Seashells are a favorite subject of mine – and the more missing parts – the better. I prepared fine art paper with a blue-gray tone and highlighted the drawing with white charcoal…. Read more »

“A View of the River”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel I must have Summer on my mind. In this landscape I tried to capture those dreamlike feelings we get, brought on by something as easy as a walk in nature…spots of sunlight, fluttering leaves, a river flowing… SOLD