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“Peace Lily”

Silverpoint Drawing 7×5″ prepared paper “Peace Lily” was drawn with a silver wire on paper that I prepared with a gray-green tone and heightened with white. This is a drawing medium known as silverpoint, which was used extensively during the Renaissance era. The term Metalpoint encompasses any metals that may be used, such as copper,… Read more »

“Seagull Skull”

Silverpoint Drawing 10.5×6″ lavender prepared paper This was drawn with a silver stylus on a specially prepared surface – a drawing medium known as silverpoint. When first drawn, the lines look gray like pencil but over time these silver lines will tarnish to a metallic sepia tone. To learn more about this Renaissance-era drawing medium,… Read more »

“Shell X-ray, 2”

X-ray Photograph Aren’t these inside views thrilling? I think the shell silverpoint, posted May 3, is similar to the left one. More to come…

“Shell X-ray, 1”

X-ray Photograph As promised in my last post, here is one of many x-ray photos that I had someone take of a box of seashells almost 20 years ago. These are some of the most elegant images I’ve ever seen. Secret spaces revealed. To see this shell as the subject of a silverpoint drawing, please… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 3×5″ blue-gray prepared paper Seashells make a great silverpoint subject. While drawing, I get to know the particular shell and wonder about the deeper interior space. It’s true that the more you look, the more you see. One of these days I’ll post some x-ray images that I have of different shells in… Read more »