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Acrylic Painting 9.5×11″ panel This is another still life from my Meditations series (see last few posts and website). “Orbits” was one of the first paintings in what is turning out to be a very expansive body of work, using natural elements with human-made objects. Read more about this in the last few posts and… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 10×22″ panel This is another painting from my Meditations series, which is all about natural elements – with a touch of the human-made. This series started in the late 1990s with a few interesting stones that I gathered from a beach in Scotland – and has been expanding ever since. I believe this… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 7.5×16.5″ panel “Flow” is part of my Meditations series of work, using natural elements and human-made objects. . . please see my website. To the buyer: The painting is mounted in a beautiful satin black frame, which is included in the price! A photo will be provided upon request.

“It’s All About Art, Part 2”

This is a scene from Bucks Gallery of Fine Art in Newtown, PA for the opening of “It’s All About Art” – a juried show featuring sculpture, photography, works on paper, and paintings. It was great to see so many people come out on a frigid night to celebrate the Arts!

“Country Drive”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel This was inspired by a photograph that my friend Joe Zogorski took. I gave it back to him as a painting, so it’s not for sale. Do you have a favorite photo that you’d like me to interpret? If so – email me!

“It’s All About Art”

Art Opening at New Hope Arts Center Saturday was the opening of Bucks Life magazine’s first annual juried show “It’s All About Art” held at New Hope Arts Center. It was great to be part of this group of woodworkers, sculptors, painters and photographers! I have ten paintings scattered throughout the gallery. This show is… Read more »

“The Jefferson Memorial at Night”

Oil Painting 6×6″ panel This painting is based on a photo from Karin Jurick’s Different Strokes From Different Folks blog, where artists are encouraged to work creatively from a photograph that is posted every two weeks. It’s very interesting to see the same thing through the eyes of another!

“The Delaware River from New Hope”

Oil Painting 4×6″ bevel-edge panel The scene is along the Delaware River from the bridge at New Hope, PA. I snapped a photo from the car as we were riding across the bridge to Lambertville, NJ. Later on, I worked from the photo – but soon abandoned that for my imagination. There was this mood… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×9″ green/blue prepared paper “Born” was drawn with a silver stylus (silverpoint) on fine paper that I prepared with a green/blue tone heightened with white charcoal. This drawing medium pre-dates the pencil, and was used extensively during the Renaissance era; earliest silverpoints date to the 12th century. For those who crave tonal drawings… Read more »


Oil Painting 6×6″ bevel-edge panel This is my rather expressionistic interpretation of a photo provided by artist Karin Jurick on her Different Strokes From Different Folks blog, where artists are encouraged to work creatively from the photos that she posts. In this challenge, artists were paired up and asked to provide a photo of each… Read more »