Monthly Archives:: April 2010

“A Walk in the Park”

Oil Painting 6×8″ canvas mounted There is so much pink and lavender in all that green. Please email me to purchase this landscape.


oil painting 5×10″ panel Scattered throughout my house and studio are natural treasures: gorgeous seashells, beautiful animal skulls, woodcarvings from Africa and New Zealand, seedpods, a huge array of beach stones, bamboo and cinnamon. Many of these have appeared in the paintings and silverpoints on The Art Fly and many more wait in the wings…… Read more »

“Bamboo, Cinnamon, Glass”

Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×8″ prepared paper From the top: bamboo, cinnamon, glass. Three of my favorite elements drawn with a rod of silver metal on yellow-orange prepared paper, heightened with white ink and pastel. With time the silver will oxidize to its characteristic warm sepia tone. Silverpointwas used most extensively during the Renaissance era, before the… Read more »