Monthly Archives:: July 2009

“The Visitor”

Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×7″ lavender-gray prepared paper A “ordinary” feather – one of Nature’s exquisite designs. Silverpoint Drawing is such a meditative medium. For me, a great way to quiet the mind is to sit with my silver stylus and a feather, seashell, flower, or a beach stone…and tune out our high-speed world for a while;… Read more »

“Field of Sunflowers”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel Here’s something I keep returning to – a field of sunflowers. It’s a breathtaking site to happen upon, which I did near Stockton, NJ. This is the fourth variation that I’ve painted of this particular scene. I started this one last year but got sidetracked. I find that it really is… Read more »

“Life Lines”

Acrylic Painting, graphite 6×6″ panel Continuing the theme of meditations on Nature, I’ve been focusing on striped beach stones at the moment. They’re all over my small studio, inside and outside, along with seed pods, tree bark, shells, skulls, wood carvings… These treasures constantly stop me in my tracks. So, I give in and stop… Read more »