Original Painting

“Meditations on Nature”

It begins tonight! “Meditations on Nature” is a two-person exhibition about Nature. It features my beach stone paintings, silverpoint drawings of animal skulls, glass spheres, and the beautifully detailed landscape paintings of my fellow artist Michael Schweigart. I’ll also be introducing four bamboo mosaics, showing my recent explorations into the elegant world of bamboo. I’ll… Read more »


                        Oil Painting 6×6″ beveled panel Please email me to purchase this painting. SOLD

“Bamboo and Spheres”

Acrylic Painting 10″ x 10″ panel Lately, bamboo has been used in all three of my chosen mediums: in paint, silverpoint, and wood. It’s a beautiful subject that I’m just beginning to explore in my mosaic work. As an artist, it’s thrilling to follow these paths that appear along the journey. Please email me for… Read more »

“Peace and Quiet”

Oil Painting 6″ x 6″ bevel-edge panel This is another in my Meditations series. With all the recent art openings and holiday energy in the air, I escaped to my studio and decided to paint these two stones. I’m never quite sure if I choose the subject or it chooses me, but these two had… Read more »

“The Canal Path”

Oil Painting 6×8″ panel This is an impressionistic interpretation of an afternoon walk along the canal path in New Hope, PA. Please contact Canal Frame-Crafts Gallery for purchase of this framed painting. SOLD

“The Small and Mighty”

Oil Painting 6×6″ beveled panel As mentioned in previous posts, I’m surrounded by a large collection of natural elements: beach stones, seashells, seedpods – whose beauty I never tire of. I’m particularly interested in the stone textures contrasted with a point of clarity, or transparency, found in the glass sphere. SOLD

“Veined Rock with Sphere”

Oil Painting 6×6″ bevel-edge panel Simply a beautiful rock…one of many from my Meditations series. Please Email to purchase this painting.

“Acadia Rocks”

Oil Painting 6×8″ gessoed board At Acadia National Park granite boulders like this one are scattered over wide smooth slabs of rock that serve as natural walkways. Storm clouds enhanced the dramatic view, cooling the landscape colors way down. Please email me for purchase of this painting.