Original Painting


Oil Painting 4×6″ panel Waterlilies bloom on these floating ovals! That’s fascinating to me, and no matter how many times I paint them, I’m seeing them for the first time. In their presence I’m like a child again! It’s easy to understand Monet’s obsession with waterlilies. The price includes shipping and tabletop easel. The edges… Read more »

“A Good Afternoon”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel Please contact Chapman Gallery in Doylestown, PA if you are interested in buying this landscape. Do you have a photos of a favorite scene you’d like me to paint? Send me an email and we’ll discuss it. The painting I create from your photos would be an impression of the scene,… Read more »


Oil Painting 5×7″ panel Flowers, colors, fragrance….Spring time! Do you have photos of a favorite scene that you’d like me to paint? The painting I create from your reference photos would be an impression of the scene – similar to the other landscape paintings on my blog. Email me and we’ll talk! Please contact me… Read more »

“Gazebo Along the Delaware”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel I love this little spot along the Delaware River at Washington Crossing, PA; that’s New Jersey across the way. To see another painting of this subject go all the way back to my blog post of November 5, 2008. The panel has finished beveled edges. The buyer will receive a tabletop… Read more »

“Morning Fog”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel There are woods in the back of our house but this morning the fog was so thick only the nearest ones could be seen when I first looked out. Within 45 minutes or so the fog had lifted. This painting is SOLD. I may have similar paintings available, so please email… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 3×5″ panel Here’s another version of the previous post “Out” – this was done a few years back. This painting is no longer available. But, as you may know from viewing my posts on The Art Fly this painting is a small part of a larger series called Meditations. By the way, that… Read more »

“Balance, No. 2”

Oil Painting 2.75×6.75″ bevel-edge panel “Balance, No. 2″ is part of a series of still life work that I’ve been expanding since the late 1990s. To see more in this Meditations series, please visit my website. This is painted on a 1/2” thick panel with finished beveled edges – no frame needed. It can be… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 9.5×11″ panel This is another still life from my Meditations series (see last few posts and website). “Orbits” was one of the first paintings in what is turning out to be a very expansive body of work, using natural elements with human-made objects. Read more about this in the last few posts and… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 10×22″ panel This is another painting from my Meditations series, which is all about natural elements – with a touch of the human-made. This series started in the late 1990s with a few interesting stones that I gathered from a beach in Scotland – and has been expanding ever since. I believe this… Read more »