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Posted on by Norine

Oil Painting
8×10″ panel

This is one of the newest paintings in my Meditations series of work with natural objects and glass spheres. I’ve never quite found the words to describe what this is about – and I’ve been creating these works since the mid-’90s…

Scattered throughout my studio are collections of beach stones, unusual seedpods, seashells and many other natural elements. I have a love of glass spheres, clear ones especially, and beautiful tools. They are elegant sculptures to me. These things aren’t just sitting there unseen. I’m aware of their presence and I pick them up, look at them and sometimes move them to a new place to later see them anew. So, naturally, I’m draw to them when the light shines into a glass sphere, or a feather or beach stone can stop me in my tracks as I’m walking through my studio. Simply profound.

So there you have another attempt to describe my ever-evolving Meditations series.

Please email me if you are interested in this painting.

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