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“It’s All About Art”

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Art Opening at New Hope Arts Center

Saturday was the opening of Bucks Life magazine’s first annual juried show “It’s All About Art” held at New Hope Arts Center. It was great to be part of this group of woodworkers, sculptors, painters and photographers! I have ten paintings scattered throughout the gallery. This show is split into two galleries, at two locations, with two openings that are a week apart…

There will be another opening of “It’s All About Art” on Saturday, January 24 – at Bucks Gallery of Fine Art in Newtown, PA. The shows, at both locations, run until February 24, so take some time off. Treat yourself to two interesting galleries in two great towns!

“The Delaware River from New Hope”

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Oil Painting
4×6″ bevel-edge panel

The scene is along the Delaware River from the bridge at New Hope, PA. I snapped a photo from the car as we were riding across the bridge to Lambertville, NJ. Later on, I worked from the photo – but soon abandoned that for my imagination. There was this mood I wanted to convey….

To the buyer: This painting panel has finished beveled edges – a tabletop easel is included in the price.


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Silverpoint Drawing
4.5×9″ green/blue prepared paper

“Born” was drawn with a silver stylus (silverpoint) on fine paper that I prepared with a green/blue tone heightened with white charcoal. This drawing medium pre-dates the pencil, and was used extensively during the Renaissance era; earliest silverpoints date to the 12th century. For those who crave tonal drawings or line, silverpoint delivers!

To learn more about it, and to see the silverpoint box and tools that I made, please visit my website.


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Oil Painting
6×6″ bevel-edge panel

This is my rather expressionistic interpretation of a photo provided by artist Karin Jurick on her Different Strokes From Different Folks blog, where artists are encouraged to work creatively from the photos that she posts. In this challenge, artists were paired up and asked to provide a photo of each other – from which they would create a portrait. Upon seeing the photo of Petra, someone who was a complete stranger, I just went with my first impression which was: she seems to have a lively personality. Also, a good reason to let one’s color sense fly! If Petra was willing, I would love to try another portrait, different pose.

I’m happy to report that this painting is no longer available as Petra and I have traded portraits!

“Fallen Bell”

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Silverpoint Drawing
4×6″ gray-green prepared paper

Did you know that silverpoint pre-dates the pencil as a drawing medium and reached its height during the Renaissance? This drawing was done with a silver stylus on paper that I prepared with a gray-green tone and heightened with white charcoal. The silver lines will tarnish over time to a metallic sepia tone. To learn more about silverpoint please visit my website by clicking on the link at right.

See other silverpoints of bells on my posts of Dec. 7 and Dec. 12.

SOLD. Please ask about similar work.