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“Celtic Sphere”

Celtic Sphere is a silverpoint drawing on prepared panel, measuring 6 x 6 inches. The glass sphere was resting on a combed grid when I drew this. I was surprised to see that the grid refracted by the curved sphere resulted in a beautiful Celtic knot.

“The Visitor” and “Safe” – silverpoint drawings

The Visitor – silverpoint drawing on prepared panel, 6 x 6 inches. The Visitor is one of several silverpoint drawings that I’ve done in the last few months. It is based on a photo I took while meandering through Longwood Gardens and admiring the waterlilies. The quiet presence of the dragonfly going about its day… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 6×6″ buff prepared paper Glad to be posting again after a series of major computer glitches… I found these exciting striped stones on Wells Beach during a recent trek to the southern Maine coast. After a few days of rest and relaxation I couldn’t wait to get back to my studio to work… Read more »

“Banded Stones and Sphere”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper This drawing is rendered with a silver stylus on buff prepared paper, with highlights in white pastel and white ink. A silverpoint drawing tarnishes over time to its characteristic metallic sepia tone. In my blog archives and on my website you’ll see many colors that I’ve experimented with on paper… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper These fortune cookies are drawn with a rod of silver on gray-blue prepared paper. This drawing medium, known as silverpoint, pre-dates the graphite pencil and was used extensively during the Renaissance era. Over time the metallic silver lines will “tarnish” to a sepia tone. Please email me for purchase info.

“Striped Stone and Sphere”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared panel The beach stone and sphere are drawn with silver wire on prepared illustration board. Over time the silver lines gradually tarnish to a warm sepia tone, which is characteristic of this drawing medium known as silverpoint. Please email me for purchase.

“An Elegant Shell”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper Nature constantly inspires! I’ve seen many lathe-turned wooden vessels whose shapes are similar to the body of this elegant shell. Silverpoint is a drawing that is rendered with a wire of silver. This was used extensively during the Renaissance era, before the graphite pencil simplified things. The drawing surface must… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 3.5×5″ prepared paper As stated many times previously on this blog, silverpoint is a drawing medium that was used extensively during the Renaissance era; pre-graphite pencil. The drawing surface must be specially prepared to allow for the slight abrasion of the silver. The metallic lines that are left will gradually tarnish (oxidize) to… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 4×5″ blue-gray prepared paper A good way to end the day is to draw in silverpoint. It has a calming effect. Seashells are a favorite subject of mine – and the more missing parts – the better. I prepared fine art paper with a blue-gray tone and highlighted the drawing with white charcoal…. Read more »

“Renaissance Boy”

Silverpoint Drawing 7×5″ pale ocher prepared panel This is an earlier silverpoint drawing from my collection, based on the painting “Head of a Boy” by Signorelli. I’m always trying new ways to use line. Not For Sale yet.