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Silverpoint Drawing 8×5″ blue-gray prepared paper Ordinary things, like a feather and a pebble, have a quiet beauty; a worthy subject for a silverpoint drawing. Silverpoint is a Renaissance-era drawing medium whereby the artist draws with a stylus of silver metal on a specially prepared surface. Please view The Art Fly archives and My Website… Read more »

“Peace Lily”

Silverpoint Drawing 7×5″ prepared paper “Peace Lily” was drawn with a silver wire on paper that I prepared with a gray-green tone and heightened with white. This is a drawing medium known as silverpoint, which was used extensively during the Renaissance era. The term Metalpoint encompasses any metals that may be used, such as copper,… Read more »

“George Washington”

Silverpoint Drawing 10×8″ green-gray prepared paper This is the complete portrait of George Washington; see “George’s Eye” detail of previous post. I prepared the paper with a green-gray tone and heightened the drawing in white. The drawing is made with a silver wire; with time the lines will tarnish to a metallic sepia tone. To… Read more »