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“Bamboo and Spheres”

Acrylic Painting 10″ x 10″ panel Lately, bamboo has been used in all three of my chosen mediums: in paint, silverpoint, and wood. It’s a beautiful subject that I’m just beginning to explore in my mosaic work. As an artist, it’s thrilling to follow these paths that appear along the journey. Please email me for… Read more »

“Three Spheres”

Silverpoint Drawing 3.5×4.5″ prepared paper Silverpoint is a drawing rendered with a silver stylus on a prepared surface. The lines gradually oxidize (tarnish) to their characteristic sepia tone. The drawing is heightened with white ink and pastel. Please email me to purchase this silverpoint.


Acrylic Painting 9.5×11″ panel This is another still life from my Meditations series (see last few posts and website). “Orbits” was one of the first paintings in what is turning out to be a very expansive body of work, using natural elements with human-made objects. Read more about this in the last few posts and… Read more »