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                        Oil Painting 6×6″ beveled panel Please email me to purchase this painting. SOLD


Oil Painting 3.75×3.75″ beveled panel Reflected inside the glass is the beach stone. This small painting is actually another version of a larger work – “Moonlit” – from a few posts ago. Email me for purchase of this painting with custom-made floating frame. SOLD


Acrylic Painting 3×5″ panel Here’s another version of the previous post “Out” – this was done a few years back. This painting is no longer available. But, as you may know from viewing my posts on The Art Fly this painting is a small part of a larger series called Meditations. By the way, that… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ gray-blue prepared paper Before the graphite pencil there was silverpoint: a silver stylus is used to draw on a specially coated surface. This drawing medium was used extensively during the Renaissance era, though some of the earliest drawings date to the 12th century. With time the silver lines tarnish to a metallic… Read more »