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Oil Painting 6×9″ beveled panel I started doing paintings of glass spheres and beach stones in the mid-’90s and haven’t stopped. I still find these elements completely absorbing and elusive, paying close attention to which objects to use and how to arrange them. One painting leads to the next and to the next in a… Read more »


Oil Painting 10×8″ bevel-edged panel “Moonlit” is the latest in my ever-growing Meditations series of paintings and silverpoint drawings of natural elements with glass spheres. See the others here and on my website. Please email me for purchase of this painting. The wide “floating” frame I created is an integral part of the painting. Photos… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 9.5×11″ panel This is another still life from my Meditations series (see last few posts and website). “Orbits” was one of the first paintings in what is turning out to be a very expansive body of work, using natural elements with human-made objects. Read more about this in the last few posts and… Read more »