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Silverpoint Drawing
8×5″ blue-gray prepared paper

Ordinary things, like a feather and a pebble, have a quiet beauty; a worthy subject for a silverpoint drawing. Silverpoint is a Renaissance-era drawing medium whereby the artist draws with a stylus of silver metal on a specially prepared surface. Please view The Art Fly archives and My Website to see more of these drawings in various tones of color.

The dissimilar textures and shapes of these objects were pleasing to me. The highlight on the pebble was initially just a few straight lines of white chalk. But, that seemed cold and aloof from the feather, and in competition. Then I lightly sanded that area, as I typically do in my drawings. I drew in curved swirling white lines, which added interest and targeted the point of contact.

To the buyer: the drawing will arrive with a mat or frame and a silverpoint description card will be attached.

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