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“Bamboo, Cinnamon, Glass”

Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×8″ prepared paper From the top: bamboo, cinnamon, glass. Three of my favorite elements drawn with a rod of silver metal on yellow-orange prepared paper, heightened with white ink and pastel. With time the silver will oxidize to its characteristic warm sepia tone. Silverpointwas used most extensively during the Renaissance era, before the… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 5×10″ prepared paper An ordinary glass sphere with natural elements – that idea has been behind much of my work from the 1990s to this point. I’ve stopped wondering why and just go with it. Cinnamon sticks with glass sphere…I like the contrasting textures and shapes of these objects, and their natural elegance…. Read more »

“Sphere with Pin-stripes”

Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×5″ prepared paper This is drawn with a rod of silver on specially prepared fine art paper. Silverpoint pre-dates the graphite pencil as a drawing medium and was used extensively in the Renaissance era. With time the silver lines tarnish to their characteristic sepia tone. See my website > silverpoint category for a… Read more »


Oil Painting 8×10″ panel This is one of the newest paintings in my Meditations series of work with natural objects and glass spheres. I’ve never quite found the words to describe what this is about – and I’ve been creating these works since the mid-’90s… Scattered throughout my studio are collections of beach stones, unusual… Read more »

“Life Lines”

Acrylic Painting, graphite 6×6″ panel Continuing the theme of meditations on Nature, I’ve been focusing on striped beach stones at the moment. They’re all over my small studio, inside and outside, along with seed pods, tree bark, shells, skulls, wood carvings… These treasures constantly stop me in my tracks. So, I give in and stop… Read more »


Acrylic Painting 3×5″ panel Here’s another version of the previous post “Out” – this was done a few years back. This painting is no longer available. But, as you may know from viewing my posts on The Art Fly this painting is a small part of a larger series called Meditations. By the way, that… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ gray-blue prepared paper Before the graphite pencil there was silverpoint: a silver stylus is used to draw on a specially coated surface. This drawing medium was used extensively during the Renaissance era, though some of the earliest drawings date to the 12th century. With time the silver lines tarnish to a metallic… Read more »

“Balance, No. 2”

Oil Painting 2.75×6.75″ bevel-edge panel “Balance, No. 2″ is part of a series of still life work that I’ve been expanding since the late 1990s. To see more in this Meditations series, please visit my website. This is painted on a 1/2” thick panel with finished beveled edges – no frame needed. It can be… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 4.5×9″ green/blue prepared paper “Born” was drawn with a silver stylus (silverpoint) on fine paper that I prepared with a green/blue tone heightened with white charcoal. This drawing medium pre-dates the pencil, and was used extensively during the Renaissance era; earliest silverpoints date to the 12th century. For those who crave tonal drawings… Read more »

“A Quail’s World”

Acrylic Painting 3×3″ bevel-edge panel The quail’s egg is a curious world to the explorer, the clear sphere. In my series of work called Meditations the sphere that keeps showing up is really me taking in my surroundings. This painting is SOLD. Please email me if you are interested in a new one.