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“The Small and Mighty”

Oil Painting 6×6″ beveled panel As mentioned in previous posts, I’m surrounded by a large collection of natural elements: beach stones, seashells, seedpods – whose beauty I never tire of. I’m particularly interested in the stone textures contrasted with a point of clarity, or transparency, found in the glass sphere. SOLD

“Veined Rock with Sphere”

Oil Painting 6×6″ bevel-edge panel Simply a beautiful rock…one of many from my Meditations series. Please Email to purchase this painting.

“Banded Stones and Sphere”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper This drawing is rendered with a silver stylus on buff prepared paper, with highlights in white pastel and white ink. A silverpoint drawing tarnishes over time to its characteristic metallic sepia tone. In my blog archives and on my website you’ll see many colors that I’ve experimented with on paper… Read more »


Oil Painting 6×9″ beveled panel I started doing paintings of glass spheres and beach stones in the mid-’90s and haven’t stopped. I still find these elements completely absorbing and elusive, paying close attention to which objects to use and how to arrange them. One painting leads to the next and to the next in a… Read more »


Oil Painting 3.75×3.75″ beveled panel Reflected inside the glass is the beach stone. This small painting is actually another version of a larger work – “Moonlit” – from a few posts ago. Email me for purchase of this painting with custom-made floating frame. SOLD

“Striped Stone and Sphere”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared panel The beach stone and sphere are drawn with silver wire on prepared illustration board. Over time the silver lines gradually tarnish to a warm sepia tone, which is characteristic of this drawing medium known as silverpoint. Please email me for purchase.


Oil Painting 10×8″ bevel-edged panel “Moonlit” is the latest in my ever-growing Meditations series of paintings and silverpoint drawings of natural elements with glass spheres. See the others here and on my website. Please email me for purchase of this painting. The wide “floating” frame I created is an integral part of the painting. Photos… Read more »

“Venturing Out”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel The latest painting in my Meditations series – the beauty of nature’s objects juxtaposed with an object of manufactured perfection; beach stones and glass sphere. There’s something right or comforting to me to have these pairings. The clear glass is an inside/outside presence and has come to represent an observer. Me;… Read more »


oil painting 5×10″ panel Scattered throughout my house and studio are natural treasures: gorgeous seashells, beautiful animal skulls, woodcarvings from Africa and New Zealand, seedpods, a huge array of beach stones, bamboo and cinnamon. Many of these have appeared in the paintings and silverpoints on The Art Fly and many more wait in the wings…… Read more »