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“Ideas are Growing…”

Posted on by Norine

This is a detail of my work-in-progress bamboo mosaic illustrating the growth of ideas.

Since the start of this project, which will be part of a 2-person show in September (details later), I’ve spent many weeks experimenting with ways to cut and use the bamboo I’ve been collecting. This kind of sustained effort is highly exciting and rewarding because, while you are busy working, the mind is tapping ever deeper into an ocean of creative possibilities. Ideas are growing and surfacing naturally while you’re in a state of focused exploration, so grab a scrap of paper and record those fleeting things, you can’t get to them all now.

This is how it works for me…Something got your attention? Absorb it, wonder why, do something with it – play, use it somehow. Chances are you’ll become obsessed with it and you won’t (can’t) quit until you invent something uniquely your own. Be you!

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