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Silverpoint Drawing
4.5×6.5″ blue-gray prepared paper

Lately, I’ve been focused on working in wood, putting most of my energy behind some ideas I’m trying out in that medium…must get it while it’s hot. Every year the New Hope Arts Center (PA) holds a national juried “Works in Wood” exhibition. Following up from some previous blog posts, the wood-mosaic work I submitted has been selected for this upcoming show. For those who love wood this is the show! Very diverse offerings: unusual tables, chairs, cabinets, lamps, musical instruments, carvings, turned vessels, wood mosaic mirror frames.…The Opening Night is Saturday, November 14 – always a big and exciting event! Photos of that to come…

After periods of intense creativity I like to unwind by drawing in silverpoint, which is such a meditative medium, one that I’ve been using since the mid ’80s. A silver stylus (wire) is drawn over a lightly textured surface that gently abrades the silver, leaving metal lines. I prepare a color-toned surface and then add highlights in white chalk or white ink. The initial silver lines are gray, like pencil lines, but with time will warm up to a sepia tone – like tarnished silver.

An object could be interpreted in so many ways; this sculptural shaker caught my eye. The vase-like body of it fitting into the ring…

Please email me if you are interested in this silverpoint.

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