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“Ringed Rocks and Sphere”

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“Ringed Rocks and Sphere” Silverpoint on prepared paper, heightened with white ink 6 x 8 inches These are some of my favorite rocks stars in the large collection I have. If you’re a regular visitor to this site you’d probably have picked up on that, and have seen them in my paintings and drawings. The… Read more »

Sunset on Cape Cod

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Just made it in time to capture the sunset from a vantage point on the beach in Truro on Cape Cod. A nice way to end the day – and to finish up a vacation.

Art of the Seashore

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      Sand Art I, Cape Cod National Seashore             Sand Art II         Sand Art III       Sand Art IV           It has been a week of bliss here in Cape Cod, Massachusetts – gorgeous weather, gorgeous sunsets, beautiful… Read more »


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“Intertwined” Silverpoint Drawing 4 x 10″ on blue-gray prepared panel This recent silverpoint drawing is a section of intertwined vines and branches that I found in the woods and had to have. The more twisted the better. (I’m also attracted to bamboo that is bent, curved, or somehow different than the others.) These things have… Read more »

“The Art of Silverpoint”

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  Silverpoint Drawings I’ve been drawing in the Renaissance-era medium of silverpoint since the mid-1980s when I worked as an assistant to a fine woodworker, who was also a fine artist.  We would break up the work day by exploring this medium – preparing traditional silverpoint formulas with rabbit skin glue and whiting, heating the… Read more »

A Fresh Start!

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New shows!  New Work!  New Website!  I’ve been Spring cleaning and giving myself a fresh start after months of preparing new work for back-to-back shows in the past six months. Meanwhile, out with old notes, and files, and stuff and in with who knows what?  We’ll see what emerges! Quick Recap: April brought the opening of… Read more »

“Works in Wood 2012 – Opening Night”

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There was bumper to bumper traffic on the floor at Saturday’s opening of the 2012 Works in Wood show at New Hope Arts Center! I didn’t get to see everything on display but will return to have a good look at the works, with space enough to walk around them! If you aren’t able to… Read more »

“Works in Wood 2012”

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It’s that time of year again, the 2012 national Works in Wood show opens on Saturday evening, November 10! This year 48 wood-loving artists have been invited to exhibit their furniture, vessels, sculpture – and, in my case, bamboo mosaics. One of the 4 works that I’ll be exhibiting is at the top of this… Read more »