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Posted on by Norine

Hemisphere AAThese photos show a few of the steps I take while working out compositions and techniques in bamboo. The first photo shows the bamboo strands that I rough cut for the main section of the panel. These strands are removed in sequence, then inserted into a piece of cardboard for the next step…

Hemisphere strandsThe second photo shows a refinement step, where I use a knife to cut a fine bevel into the sides of each of the strands. When cutting bamboo, the edges can become extremely sharp, which is another reason that I take great care to finish them. The background panel (in first photo) will be repainted before I include additional mosaic details, and re-insert the bamboo strands.

harp strands AAAThere is a lot of experimentation involved in getting to a composition, but it needs to be worked out beforehand. This last photo shows another variation of the “strand” theme that I’m immersed in right now. More to come, as the works evolve….

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