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“Bamboo and Sphere”

Posted on by Norine

Silverpoint Drawing
6×9″ gray-green prepared paper

Silverpoint is a drawing made with a silver stylus on a prepared surface. The metallic lines gradually tarnish to a sepia tone over time. This drawing medium was commonly used in the Renaissance era in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

I’ve been using silverpoint since the mid-1980s when a fellow artist and I experimented with traditional formulas and color tones on panels and fine art papers, and used various metals. (The term metalpoint describes the use of silver, copper, gold, platinum, etc. on prepared surfaces.) At that time I enjoyed creating silverpoint drawings from the faces seen in paintings by Renaisssance artists: Vermeer, daVinci, Botticelli, Holbein….and I’ve continued that practice. I prefer using silver on a lightly toned paper, board or thin panel so I can finish up with white highlights; occasionally I use other pastel colors, as in this drawing.

Please email me for purchase of this silverpoint.

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