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Oil Painting

Since I’ve been focused on acorns lately, I thought I’d show you an earlier painting. I try to see each object or scene as if for the first time, without a formula or rule.

Some of you may wonder about the discipline involved in these daily paintings and silverpoint drawings – and the pressure to “produce” work to post on art blogs. I paint and draw nearly every day but am not always happy with the results. Many a painting gets scraped off and many a drawing gets tossed that I don’t feel is working – or that I’m asleep to. It’s best to put it aside and turn to something else that inspires you. Go back later and try to re-connect. But, sometimes running it through the band saw feels like the perfect thing to do! Let it go and move on.

Most of the time: the more you look, the more you see. There are layers and depths of understanding all throughout the creative process!

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