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“An Elegant Shell”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper Nature constantly inspires! I’ve seen many lathe-turned wooden vessels whose shapes are similar to the body of this elegant shell. Silverpoint is a drawing that is rendered with a wire of silver. This was used extensively during the Renaissance era, before the graphite pencil simplified things. The drawing surface must… Read more »

“Broken Shell”

Silverpoint Drawing 7.5×5.5″ green-gray prepared paper Here’s another “interior” piece that I drew a while back. This shell is one of my favorite things, a beautiful natural sculpture. While drawing this I thought of the curving walls of the shell, stretching across the missing parts. Tones in a silverpoint drawing are made up of layers… Read more »

“Inside Out”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×4.5″ blue-gray prepared paper This seashell was drawn with a silver stylus on specially coated paper, a Renaissance-era medium known as Silverpoint. Layers upon layers of lines become tones, and over time the silver gradually tarnishes to a metallic sepia. The drawing is heightened in white ink. See more silverpoints in The Art… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 3×5″ blue-gray prepared paper Seashells make a great silverpoint subject. While drawing, I get to know the particular shell and wonder about the deeper interior space. It’s true that the more you look, the more you see. One of these days I’ll post some x-ray images that I have of different shells in… Read more »

“Venus Comb”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ gray-blue prepared paper This seashell was drawn with a silver stylus – a drawing medium known as silverpoint, which pre-dates the pencil. This was used extensively during the Renaissance era, though some of the earliest silverpoints date back to the 12th century. I prepared the paper with a gray-blue tone and heightened… Read more »

“Round and Around”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ green-gray prepared paper This drawing is created with a silver stylus on a specially coated surface – a Renaissance-era medium known as silverpoint. I prepared the paper with a green-gray tone and added white charcoal highlights. Silverpoint will tarnish to a metallic sepia tone over time. To learn more about it, and… Read more »


Oil Painting 7×5″ bevel-edge panel A solitary gift from the sea. The beautiful designs of a seashell could get lost in the mix, but each deserves its own little stage. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by the exquisite designs in Nature. My life is surrounded by shells, beach stones, animal skulls and seedpods, bamboo,… Read more »


Acrylic and graphite 5×7″ bevel-edge panel Worm shell sure is twisted! Please email me if you are interested in this painting.