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“The Small and Mighty”

Oil Painting 6×6″ beveled panel As mentioned in previous posts, I’m surrounded by a large collection of natural elements: beach stones, seashells, seedpods – whose beauty I never tire of. I’m particularly interested in the stone textures contrasted with a point of clarity, or transparency, found in the glass sphere. SOLD

“Banded Stones and Spheres”

Silverpoint Drawing 6.5×8.5″ blue-gray prepared paper After all these years it may seem hard to believe, but each time I begin a silverpoint drawing or a painting, it’s as if for the first time. I’m not fixed as to how to proceed with lines or colors though some lines and brushstrokes just feel natural. The… Read more »

“Banded Stones and Sphere”

Silverpoint Drawing 5×7″ prepared paper This drawing is rendered with a silver stylus on buff prepared paper, with highlights in white pastel and white ink. A silverpoint drawing tarnishes over time to its characteristic metallic sepia tone. In my blog archives and on my website you’ll see many colors that I’ve experimented with on paper… Read more »


Oil Painting 9.5×12.5″ panel This is a slightly larger work in my Meditations series. I’m not sure what type of elegant seedpods these are, but they worked well as tiny canoes being adrift in this strange landscape. I really like the cool dry quality of the colors. I typically “float” these paintings on a frame… Read more »


oil painting 5×10″ panel Scattered throughout my house and studio are natural treasures: gorgeous seashells, beautiful animal skulls, woodcarvings from Africa and New Zealand, seedpods, a huge array of beach stones, bamboo and cinnamon. Many of these have appeared in the paintings and silverpoints on The Art Fly and many more wait in the wings…… Read more »