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“Stanislaw in Silverpoint”

Silverpoint Drawing 6.5×8″ blue-gray prepared paper I’m always on the lookout for a good mustache! This portrait is based on a painting by Polish artist Jacek Malczewski (1854-1929); it’s a detail of a larger work. My version is done in silverpoint on a blue-gray prepared paper with highlights in white ink and chalk. Later, I’ll… Read more »


Silverpoint Drawing 10×8″ ocher prepared paper The Bucks County newspapers have recently published an interview I gave about silverpoint, a drawing medium which pre-dates the graphite pencil. It appeared in these locals: New Hope Life, Yardley Voice, Doylestown Observer, and a few others. Please see Times Publishing Newspapers, Inc. for the full article. This portrait… Read more »


Oil Painting 6×6″ bevel-edge panel This is my rather expressionistic interpretation of a photo provided by artist Karin Jurick on her Different Strokes From Different Folks blog, where artists are encouraged to work creatively from the photos that she posts. In this challenge, artists were paired up and asked to provide a photo of each… Read more »