About My Work

BLOSSOMS Bamboo and Wood Mosaics:  I began developing my natural mosaics in the 1990s, independently exploring wood as a mosaic design element.  The earliest of my mosaics were figurative and colorful, greatly influenced by the decorative elements of Byzantine icons. These consisted of hundreds of intricate pieces that were gilded or painted.  Since then, my work has gradually evolved into semi-abstraction, especially with the introduction of bamboo into my palette in 2010. By its nature, the subtle beauty of bamboo inspires me to pare down my thoughts to their essence, resulting in a more Zen style that can be seen here in a composition titled, Blossoms.


MoonlitPainting:  I’ve long been immersed in a painting theme involving the profound beauty in ordinary objects of the natural world: beach stones, seedpods, and seashells. These paintings are my “Meditations” series, through which I’ve explored abstract ideas like peace, harmony, and patience – and in which I began to discover a very personal iconography. The clear sphere I use in these compositions represents an observer, of interior or exterior worlds, exemplified here in a painting titled, Moonlit.


Intertwined1Silverpoint:  Silverpoint is a drawing made with a silver stylus, on a specially coated surface that is slightly abrasive. The lines of a silverpoint drawing initially look gray, like pencil, but will change over time to the characteristic sepia tone of tarnished silver.  I’ve enjoyed using this meticulous medium for over 25 years, to explore shells, skulls, twisted vines and other favorite objects from the natural world.   I typically prepare my art panels and papers with tinted grounds, and heighten the finished drawing with white ink or pastel. For a wealth of additional information please visit SilverpointWeb.com.