“Field of Young Trees”

Acrylic Painting 6×8″ beveled panel I love the back roads of Bucks County where I often pass fields of trees like this one. Here’s an impression of the fluttering leaves and flashes of color that caught my eye while I drove by. Please email me for purchase of the painting.

“A Walk in the Park”

Oil Painting 6×8″ canvas mounted There is so much pink and lavender in all that green. Please email me to purchase this landscape.

“A View of the River”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel I must have Summer on my mind. In this landscape I tried to capture those dreamlike feelings we get, brought on by something as easy as a walk in nature…spots of sunlight, fluttering leaves, a river flowing… SOLD

“Magpie on Post”

Oil Painting 4.25×4.25″ bevel-edge panel I saw my first magpie in Montana this past Spring. Eye-catching black and white magpies (with a touch of deep blue) were easily spotted amidst all that scenic greenery. Sorry, this one’s not for sale – please ask about others.

“Early Autumn”

Oil Painting 8×6″ panel These are the colors of Early Autumn in my own back yard – an impression. Please email me if you are interested in this landscape.

“A New Day”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel A magnificent opening to a new day – Sunrise over the Atlantic. SOLD. Please email me if you are interested in others like this.

“Field of Sunflowers”

Oil Painting 8×10″ panel Here’s something I keep returning to – a field of sunflowers. It’s a breathtaking site to happen upon, which I did near Stockton, NJ. This is the fourth variation that I’ve painted of this particular scene. I started this one last year but got sidetracked. I find that it really is… Read more »

“The Rite of Spring”

Oil Painting 4×6″ panel Mother Nature nurtures. Here’s just a tiny parcel of what awaits us at Longwood Gardens. A riot of color and shapes that is ever-changing. A feast for the eyes and soul. SOLD  

“A Good Afternoon”

Oil Painting 5×7″ panel Please contact Chapman Gallery in Doylestown, PA if you are interested in buying this landscape. Do you have a photos of a favorite scene you’d like me to paint? Send me an email and we’ll discuss it. The painting I create from your photos would be an impression of the scene,… Read more »

“Balance, No. 2”

Oil Painting 2.75×6.75″ bevel-edge panel “Balance, No. 2″ is part of a series of still life work that I’ve been expanding since the late 1990s. To see more in this Meditations series, please visit my website. This is painted on a 1/2” thick panel with finished beveled edges – no frame needed. It can be… Read more »