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“Peace and Quiet”

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Oil Painting
6″ x 6″ bevel-edge panel

This is another in my Meditations series. With all the recent art openings and holiday energy in the air, I escaped to my studio and decided to paint these two stones. I’m never quite sure if I choose the subject or it chooses me, but these two had a calming effect as I sculpted their forms in paint.

Please contact me for purchase of this painting. I designed and painted the frame to be an integral part of this work. Photos of the framed piece will be provided upon request.

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2010 Works in Wood Opening

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This was the scene at Saturday’s Artists’ Reception for the “2010 Works in Wood” exhibit at New Hope Arts! “Works in Wood” is a national juried show, held annually, that is one of the area’s most anticipated events – a favorite show for folks who love wood in all its forms. It runs until January 2, 2011; please check the link for more details.

Here are detail photos of my two wood mosaic frames that are in this show:
Detail of “Beach Stones”

Detail of “Water”


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Bamboo mosaic
14.25″ x 14.25″ mirror frame

This piece was made specifically for the upcoming Crafthaus online juried exhibition “Earthly Pleasures.” The idea was to create something green, that is, reclaimed or recycled from local material.

A construction crew doing bridge work in my neighborhood was thinning out a grove of bamboo and feeding it to a “chipper.” I asked them to set a few aside for me that day, and later hauled about 8 or 9 very long, heavy stalks back to my studio. It turns out I really love working with this beautiful natural material, and the curvier the better. I split open the bamboo to reveal the chambers and have a focal point that I built the piece around. I also wanted to incorporate a variety of natural “patinas.”

Aren’t you curious what’s inside?

Please email me if you are interested in this piece.


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Silverpoint Drawing
6×6″ buff prepared paper

Glad to be posting again after a series of major computer glitches…

I found these exciting striped stones on Wells Beach during a recent trek to the southern Maine coast. After a few days of rest and relaxation I couldn’t wait to get back to my studio to work on some painting compositions starring my pocketful of beauties.

Silverpoint is a drawing rendered with a wire of silver metal that is typically inserted in a holder. With time, the metallic silver lines tarnish to a warm brown/gray. I prepared the drawing paper with a buff color, and highlighted the silverpoint in white ink and white pastel. Check out my custom-made silverpoint box and tools by clicking here.

Please email me for purchase details.

“The Small and Mighty”

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Oil Painting
6×6″ beveled panel

As mentioned in previous posts, I’m surrounded by a large collection of natural elements: beach stones, seashells, seedpods – whose beauty I never tire of. I’m particularly interested in the stone textures contrasted with a point of clarity, or transparency, found in the glass sphere.


“Banded Stones and Spheres”

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Silverpoint Drawing
6.5×8.5″ blue-gray prepared paper

After all these years it may seem hard to believe, but each time I begin a silverpoint drawing or a painting, it’s as if for the first time. I’m not fixed as to how to proceed with lines or colors though some lines and brushstrokes just feel natural. The spontaneous marks quickly carry the feelings and info that are riding on them and a flow happens.

Silverpoint is a drawing made with a silver stylus on a prepared surface. Some of the earliest silverpoints date back to the 12th century. It was used extensively during the Renaissance era throughout Europe by artists Durer, Holbein, Raphael, DaVinci, Van der Weyden to name only a few.

Please email for purchase of this drawing.

“Banded Stones and Sphere”

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Silverpoint Drawing
5×7″ prepared paper

This drawing is rendered with a silver stylus on buff prepared paper, with highlights in white pastel and white ink. A silverpoint drawing tarnishes over time to its characteristic metallic sepia tone. In my blog archives and on my website you’ll see many colors that I’ve experimented with on paper and panels: lavender, ochre, pale blue-green, pale green, blue-gray, etc.

Please Email me for purchase.