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Meanwhile: “Sunset at Core Creek”

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“Sunset at Core Creek”Sunset at Core Creek
Oil on canvas panel
6″ x 8″

In between the hubbub of woodwork exhibitions, I took some quiet studio time to paint this small Impressionistic landscape that was inspired by a dramatic sunset over Core Creek, in Bucks County, PA.

A note about using reference photos: There are times when I paint outdoors, directly from Nature, quickly recording the essence of that changing scene. If I’m unable to complete the work on site, photos may help when finishing the painting in my studio. Or, they may not help at all. That is, they may be a such a hindrance to creativity that you find yourself trying to duplicate that photo image instead of working from your memory’s first impression of the scene and sensations that attracted you.

This painting, and a handful of my other landscape paintings, are available for purchase from Canal Frame-Crafts Gallery in Washington Crossing, PA.

Update: “Sunset at Core Creek” has been SOLD.  Please contact me to know more about other available works.

“New Hope – New York” Juror’s Choice Exhibition

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Come out of hibernation! Join us on Saturday evening, February 7, from 6-8, for the opening reception of the “New Hope-New York Juror’s Choice Exhibition.”

For the month of February, New Hope Arts is showcasing the work of the ten artists who were selected by Ellen Bradshaw of Pleiades Gallery NY, during the Members’ Show of 2014. My bamboo mosaic, The Dream Keeper, was one of the works selected.  This, and five more of my natural mosaics will be included in the presentation at New Hope Arts.

Read my NEWSLETTER for more about the inspiration behind these works.

NHArts is located at 2 Stockton Ave., 2nd floor; click link for more info, or call 215-862-9606. Our show runs until February 22. Get out of the house – take a scenic ride to one of your favorite river towns!

Kevolic_The Dream Keeper,sm    The Dream Keeper

GatewayToDreams,smGateway to Dreams



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Bamboo Mosaic, 25″ x 25″

This is my latest work in bamboo. A lot is going on here: The “moon” motif shows the inside of a section of bamboo that I worked into mosaic tesserae, to which I applied a pale blue paint glaze. The space around the moon is bamboo that I’ve tooled on the bandsaw and added paint to, which gives the effect of tree bark. These pieces together evoke a forest. I created a “moon glow” patina by wiping and sanding off some paint and letting other rest in the saw kerfs.

The “offerings” are elegant pieces of bamboo that I tooled and attached to the long arcing strands; these are movable elements. These strands and all of the pieces are made from a few poles of bamboo – this is what keeps me enthralled with this natural, extremely versatile medium! Read more about the inspiration behind these works in my NEWSLETTER.

“New Hope to New York”

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Kevolic_The Dream Keeper,sm
“The Dream Keeper”
Bamboo Mosaic
25″ x 25″ natural and painted bamboo

“New Hope to New York” is the name of this year’s New Hope Arts Members’ Show. Ellen Bradshaw, president of the Pleiades Gallery in New York, was the juror for this show. I’m honored to be among 10 artists whose work was selected to go to the Pleiades Gallery in New York for their group show in December and January. Thank you, Ellen!

My mosaic was inspired by a poem of the same name, by Langston Hughes. I love this:

The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes
Bring me all of your dreams, you dreamer,
Bring me all your heart melodies,
That I may wrap them in a blue cloud-cloth,
Away from the too-rough fingers of the world.

Bamboo mosaic detail photos

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The Dream Keeper detail2TDKdetail 3
Here are a few more detail photos of my latest bamboo mosaic. You can see the umber paint-glaze I applied to the bamboo strips of the background. By scratching through the glaze I’m able to control the tonal areas, making an area lighter by degrees. I’ll post the finished work soon.

Detail of bamboo mosaic in progress

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detail the dream keeper
This is a detail of the bamboo mosaic I’m finishing up. These small movable bamboo rings slide along flexible bamboo strands. You could see the fine angle I cut into the edges of the strands, and get a glimpse of why these mosaics are labor-of-love-intensive. Its as much about the details as anything. The background is a series of bamboo strips, over which I painted a glaze of burnt umber paint. This laid the groundwork for a texture I wanted to create, by scratching and cutting into the paint with a sharp blade.

Your questions and comments are always welcome!


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Bamboo and Wood Mosaic
16.5″ x 16.5″ / bamboo and stained poplar

I created this piece after a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place where various spiritual paths blend amid the sacred sites, missions, and pueblo villages. Symbolism and spirituality abound there in Santa Fe (“Holy Faith”), and my mosaic signifies these diverse paths sharing a common center.

This work is part of the Sculpture 2014 Exhibition at New Hope Arts, New Hope, PA until May 18. Hours are 12-5 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Your comments and questions are always welcome!

Silverpoint Drawings of Twisted Vines

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Vines 1
Silverpoint Drawing on prepared paper
3.5″ x 5.5″

I love coming across these natural works of art while walking through the woods. The more twisted, viney, or misshapen, the better a subject! While drawing, it helps to imagine being the vine or branch, winding ’round and ’round a core.

Here’s another:

Vines 3
Silverpoint Drawing on prepared paper
4.5″ x 6.5″

Sculpture New Hope!

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PASSING THROUGHSculpture New Hope 2014!

See the newest creations from 50 original artists who are working in Bronze, Wood, Ceramic, Found Object, Steel, Glass, Bamboo, and…well, let’s find out what else on Saturday, April 12 from 6-8 p.m. at New Hope Arts Center, 2 Stockton Avenue!

I have two Bamboo Mosaics in this show, here’s a photo of “Passing Through”.  

If you can’t make it to Saturday’s Opening Reception to join the artists and art lovers, don’t worry, you have until May 18 to enjoy the show. Hope to see you there!
Please check gallery hours at:
New Hope Arts