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Bamboo mosaic detail photos

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The Dream Keeper detail2TDKdetail 3
Here are a few more detail photos of my latest bamboo mosaic. You can see the umber paint-glaze I applied to the bamboo strips of the background. By scratching through the glaze I’m able to control the tonal areas, making an area lighter by degrees. I’ll post the finished work soon.

Detail of bamboo mosaic in progress

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detail the dream keeper
This is a detail of the bamboo mosaic I’m finishing up. These small movable bamboo rings slide along flexible bamboo strands. You could see the fine angle I cut into the edges of the strands, and get a glimpse of why these mosaics are labor-of-love-intensive. Its as much about the details as anything. The background is a series of bamboo strips, over which I painted a glaze of burnt umber paint. This laid the groundwork for a texture I wanted to create, by scratching and cutting into the paint with a sharp blade.

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Bamboo and Wood Mosaic
16.5″ x 16.5″ / bamboo and stained poplar

I created this piece after a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place where various spiritual paths blend amid the sacred sites, missions, and pueblo villages. Symbolism and spirituality abound there in Santa Fe (“Holy Faith”), and my mosaic signifies these diverse paths sharing a common center.

This work is part of the Sculpture 2014 Exhibition at New Hope Arts, New Hope, PA until May 18. Hours are 12-5 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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Silverpoint Drawings of Twisted Vines

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Vines 1
Silverpoint Drawing on prepared paper
3.5″ x 5.5″

I love coming across these natural works of art while walking through the woods. The more twisted, viney, or misshapen, the better a subject! While drawing, it helps to imagine being the vine or branch, winding ’round and ’round a core.

Here’s another:

Vines 3
Silverpoint Drawing on prepared paper
4.5″ x 6.5″

Sculpture New Hope!

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PASSING THROUGHSculpture New Hope 2014!

See the newest creations from 50 original artists who are working in Bronze, Wood, Ceramic, Found Object, Steel, Glass, Bamboo, and…well, let’s find out what else on Saturday, April 12 from 6-8 p.m. at New Hope Arts Center, 2 Stockton Avenue!

I have two Bamboo Mosaics in this show, here’s a photo of “Passing Through”.  

If you can’t make it to Saturday’s Opening Reception to join the artists and art lovers, don’t worry, you have until May 18 to enjoy the show. Hope to see you there!
Please check gallery hours at:
New Hope Arts

Works in Progress….

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Hemisphere AAThese photos show a few of the steps I take while working out compositions and techniques in bamboo. The first photo shows the bamboo strands that I rough cut for the main section of the panel. These strands are removed in sequence, then inserted into a piece of cardboard for the next step…

Hemisphere strandsThe second photo shows a refinement step, where I use a knife to cut a fine bevel into the sides of each of the strands. When cutting bamboo, the edges can become extremely sharp, which is another reason that I take great care to finish them. The background panel (in first photo) will be repainted before I include additional mosaic details, and re-insert the bamboo strands.

harp strands AAAThere is a lot of experimentation involved in getting to a composition, but it needs to be worked out beforehand. This last photo shows another variation of the “strand” theme that I’m immersed in right now. More to come, as the works evolve….

“SURFACE” Exhibition

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CAC DukeGalleryCAC DukeGallery2
SURFACE, the current exhibition in The Duke Gallery at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA includes the work of 72 artists, creating in all media. Lorraine Riesenbach, founder and retired Director of Artists’ House Gallery in Philadelphia, was the juror for this show. I’m happy to report that both of my natural mosaics, “Ascent” and “Blossoms”, are part of this show.
Ascent, to blog
The Duke Gallery was teeming with artists, art patrons and appreciators during Sunday’s afternoon reception, in spite of the pending wintry conditions. I met many new artists and enjoyed learning about their work which came in many shapes and sizes: encaustic panels, mixed-media collage, ceramic, tooled clay and plaster tiles, bamboo mosaic, trompe l’oeil paintings and drawings, wood collage, assemblage art, watercolor and oil paintings, abstract / representational, in other words, something for everyone to appreciate.
CAC abstractCAC ceramicCAC journalCAC umbrellas

This was my first time exhibiting in this beautiful gallery – made all the more terrific when I discovered my 3rd Prize Award for “Blossoms”! Thankyou, Lorraine. Thanks also to everyone involved with handling the details of this exhibition – your efforts are greatly appreciated.BLOSSOMS

“Ascent” awarded First Prize – Sculpture

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Ascent, to blog
Bamboo – Wood Mosaic
28.5″ x 16.5″

On Saturday, November 9, Mayor Larry Keller presided at the Opening Reception & Awards ceremony of the National Juried “Works in Wood” Exhibition at the New Hope Arts Center. As usual, this show was jam-packed with woodworkers and patrons of the arts. I was overjoyed upon hearing that my mosaic “ASCENT” was awarded First Prize for the Sculpture category by Jurors Mark Sfirri and Michael Ingham. Many Thanks to both of you!

ASCENT detail_Kevolic
“Ascent” – detail


I have two works in this show, Ascent and Jubilation, both bamboo – wood mosaics.

These works will be on display until December 8 so get yourself to this excellent show! See how these 50 terrific artists amaze and delight with their innovative, exquisite, humorous, and intricate creations in wood! New Hope Arts is located at 2 Stockton Avenue in the heart of New Hope, PA. NHA is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 – 5 pm. Check their website for the Calendar of Events, or call them at 215-862-9606.