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“Harmony in Black and Light”

Posted on by Norine

It has been a year of creative momentum for me. Ideas have been overflowing and expanding in my studio/hermitage! I’m thankful every day that I can tune out the world for a while, and joyfully work on my Art, be it an evolving wood or bamboo relief panel, a still life painting, or a meditative drawing in silverpoint. 

Harmony in Black and Light is one of my newest wood-relief panels, measuring 30 x 15 x 1.5 inches.  It marks the beginning of a new direction that I will be exploring, using blocks of solid wood, and common plywood that is incised and dyed, and stacked. I’m excited by the creative potential that has emerged with this. Every panel begins as a challenge and ends as a surprise ~ but that’s really what I’m after ~

Harmony in Black and Light is currently on display in the national juried “Works in Wood” show at New Hope Arts, in New Hope, PA. This highly anticipated annual show (which began in 1999), runs until January 9, 2022.

Wishing anyone who is reading this Happiness & Joy as this year winds down – and a new one dawns ~ 


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