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“Runic Vessel circa 2020”

Posted on by Norine

Runic Vessel circa 2020 is a work I created for the AAW-POP (American Association of Woodturners-Professional Outreach Program). This 15th invitational exhibition and auction will be held in St. Paul, MN in July 2021. The invitation was not limited to woodturners, but open to artists working in various disciplines.  We were asked to create work based on the theme Elements; the work had to fit into a 6″ cube. Runic Vessel measures 5.75″ at the widest point.) When the lid is lifted, three wooden tiles unfold to reveal designs that were created by dipping pieces of bamboo into paint and then stamping these onto the tiles.

Runic Vessel circa 2020 was begun in late 2020 and was still evolving into early 2021. It is the only 3-D work in my “Runes” series (wall relief mosaics). In this series, the focus is on the natural beauty of bamboo segments and their imprints on wood tiles. Please see my previous three posts about this series: Runes of a New Age / Runes, Book 2 / Runes, Book 3.

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