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Labyrinths are ancient patterns that are found throughout the world. They are sometimes described as symbolic pilgrimages, or walking meditations. Try searching: labyrinths near me, and see what comes up. Chances are there is a walkable garden labyrinth not too far away.

These are some of the many labyrinths that I’ve created over the years, ranging from the smallest at 3.5 x 3.5″ (center, bottom row) to the largest Journey at 41 x 41 inches (left, bottom row). I usually attach a “walking stick” that I handcraft from mahogany, cedar, or another wood. I think of these as calming spiritual journeys, to be traveled slowly and with an open heart.

Inside the Labyrinth is the painting at top left, with clear sphere (this is a recurring element in much of my work). Those that appear to be drawn in pencil are actually silverpoint drawings that are made with a rod of silver; all of these will tarnish to a silvery-brown over time. The two circular silverpoint drawings in the middle are Veiled Labyrinth (8.5  inches) and Scribbled Labyrinth (10 inches). The Bamboo Path (16 x 16″) is at top right, and Infinite Labyrinth (20.5 x 20.5 inches) is at bottom right.

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