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“Space” and “Light” relief mosaics received awards in 2017

Posted on by Norine

LIGHT – 25″ x 25″ / bamboo and poplar, cedar, mahogany blocks

Earth’s sunrises and sunsets were the inspiration behind Light. Bamboo, with its pale color, is the light source at the center of this work; sliced into thin strips with a knife and assembled into a pattern. Like a sunrise, the light gradually travels across the forms, as do the eyes of the viewer, in search of light. I made good use of the bandsaw for this work, to cut asymmetrical facets into each of those blocks of poplar, mahogany, and cedar. They are painted and then sanded to catch the light.

LIGHT won the BEST IN SHOW award at “Works in Wood 2017” at New Hope Arts, in New Hope, PA. It is a real honor coming from the juror / woodworkers: Mark Sfirri and John McDevitt.

There are so many artists who work long and hard on their creative path. It is filled with uncertainty, sometimes luck, and a great amount of trust in one’s self. 2017 has turned out to be a wonderful year of recognition for my artistic efforts. The following work was awarded during the SCULPTURE show…

SPACE – 23″ diameter / bamboo and paint

I was thrilled to discover that SPACE received a Jurors’ Recognition Award for Wall Relief in the show SCULPTURE 2017 at New Hope Arts. This work was created from a pole or two of bamboo that I honed into rings, strands, and thin flat curves. The inspiration for this work came during my nighttime walks. I’m a daydreamer, night dreamer and sky-gazer, who enjoys the challenge of turning my abstract thoughts into visual things.

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