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Silverpoint Drawings of Landscapes

Posted on by Norine

Wanderlust, Walk with Me, and Of Field and Sky are some of my most recent landscape drawings in silverpoint, all are approximately 6 x 8 inches.

I’m honored that two of these images are currently being used as the banner for two Facebook groups: The Society of Metalpoint Artists, and Silverpoint / Metalpoint.

     Wanderlust – silverpoint drawing on prepared fine art paper…


     Walk with Me – silverpoint drawing on prepared fine art paper…


     Of Field and Sky – silverpoint drawing on prepared fine art paper…

My interest in this centuries-old art technique began a few decades ago when I was an assistant in the shop of an artist-woodworker. We experimented with traditional grounds and with many modern ones, and then designed and built the frames for our drawings.

Silverpoint is a drawing that is made with a silver wire on a specially prepared surface. The surface must be slightly abrasive to provide a way for the silver to deposit its shimmering trace. A silverpoint drawing initially appears gray, like pencil, but over time it will acquire the characteristic luster of tarnished silver. (The term Metalpoint encompasses any metal, including silver, that can be used to draw on a coated surface.)

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