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“Twisted” silverpoint drawings

Posted on by Norine

twisted AA twisted BB twisted CC twisted DD twisted EE twisted FF twisted GG twisted HHH Twisted JJ

Here’s a compilation of my Twisted series of silverpoint drawings on a variety of toned grounds. The drawings are heightened with white pastel or white ink. I love how these vines and branches have grown together into beautiful natural sculptures. Next time you’re walking in the woods, look for them. Guaranteed, you’ll start noticing them everywhere!

Silverpoint is a drawing made with a silver stylus on a specially coated ground that is slightly abrasive. Tones are created by much cross-hatching and overlaying of lines. A metal stylus gives a uniform line thickness – unlike graphite pencil, that will give a varying thickness of line when pressure is applied. The lines of a silverpoint drawing will transform over time, to the characteristic sepia luster of tarnished silver.

Silverpoint is a centuries-old drawing medium, which was at its height during the Renaissance era. Please visit for a thorough history and gallery of images, from the past and present.

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