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Posted on by Norine

This bamboo and wood mosaic will be shown for the first time in the national juried Works in Wood 2015 at New Hope Arts. The idea for this started with all the talk about the California drought… The rainstick happened first. Then came rain drops, leaves – movement. I began to see a pattern taking shape from the rain lines criss-crossing over each other. I enter each mosaic project wanting to explore new territory, wherever that leads, and being open to experimentation.

Creating this kind of work requires that you jump in, trust your intuition. It’s a very spontaneous approach with no preplanned pattern to follow, and always a multitude of creative problems to solve. I hear the sound of rain, and focus myself on conjuring up ways to make that visible, and visually exciting. It helps to keep that first impression fresh – throughout all the wood-crafting and bamboo-cutting – until the thing comes to life. All the elements are vying for attention. You need to put them in their place somehow. That takes time and patience, but – you’re the conductor!

“Rain” and “Vigil” will be on view during the Works in Woodat New Hope Arts. This eagerly awaited show runs from November 13 – December 13. New Hope Arts is located at the corner of Bridge and Stockton, 2nd floor, in gorgeous New Hope, PA.

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