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“Of Sea and Sky”

Posted on by Norine

Of Sea and Sky,blog
“Of Sea and Sky”

Bamboo Mosaic – Natural and paint-glazed bamboo, painted poplar wood disk, twigs, beach stones, glass marble, fishing line.
10″ x 10″

“Of Sea and Sky” is the smallest mosaic I’ve done so far. It was a thought that sprang from some of my recent mosaics on the moon, water, and natural elements. I visit these themes again and again – in paintings from my Meditations series, in silverpoint drawings, and in these natural mosaics. It’s a way to make something tangible of the abstract.

I’m beginning to see a fusion of mediums emerge in my work. There’s always some peripheral experimentation happening…ideas that meander along a new path while the mind is focused on the project at hand. I take time and notes to acknowledge the presence of those fleeting thoughts before they vanish. I have no idea where they’ll lead, but I’ll go along for a ride – which means lots of exploration with materials – to maybe get to something exciting and surprising! We shall see.

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