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Posted on by Norine

Bamboo Mosaic, 25″ x 25″

This is my latest work in bamboo. A lot is going on here: The “moon” motif shows the inside of a section of bamboo that I worked into mosaic tesserae, to which I applied a pale blue paint glaze. The space around the moon is bamboo that I’ve tooled on the bandsaw and added paint to, which gives the effect of tree bark. These pieces together evoke a forest. I created a “moon glow” patina by wiping and sanding off some paint and letting other rest in the saw kerfs.

The “offerings” are elegant pieces of bamboo that I tooled and attached to the long arcing strands; these are movable elements. These strands and all of the pieces are made from a few poles of bamboo – this is what keeps me enthralled with this natural, extremely versatile medium! Read more about the inspiration behind these works in my NEWSLETTER.

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