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“Ringed Rocks and Sphere”

Posted on by Norine

Ringed Rocks and Sphere,e
“Ringed Rocks and Sphere”
Silverpoint on prepared paper, heightened with white ink
6 x 8 inches

These are some of my favorite rocks stars in the large collection I have. If you’re a regular visitor to this site you’d probably have picked up on that, and have seen them in my paintings and drawings. The bottom rock I found near Findhorn in Scotland, the top one from Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island.

Silverpoint is a centuries old drawing medium, predating the graphite pencil; think about that for a second. It’s getting more and more popular these days, not surprising to me since it is a meditative medium and has a calming effect. You and the object of your attention. The more you look, the more you see and become absorbed in…writing line after line, keeping a diary of sorts.

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